A few facts about us

About Us

The right company

  • Experience, expertise, and customized service
  • Inside sales team leaders and dedicated customer service associates
  • One toll-free number for all your floorcovering needs
  • Resources and backing of Shaw Industries Group, Inc., world's largest carpet manufacturer

The right products

  • Stylish, affordable, available for quick delivery
  • Made in specified widths for fewer seams, less waste
  • Cut to specified lengths for less waste, easier handling

The right benefits for you

  • Greater success - with fashionable floors, your homes sell faster
  • Savings in cost and time - you'll have the right products and services for the job, at the best value
  • Simpler inventory control - your flooring products come from a single source
  • Less employee idle time - your products arrive on schedule
  • Less rework - your products are always first quality
  • #1 Floorcovering Supplier to Manufactured Housing Aftermarket
  • 40 years of service
  • Outstanding quality and service, nationwide distribution
  • Precise carpet widths for manufactured homes
  • Soft, durable rebond carpet pad
  • Wide-width vinyl
  • Carpet and vinyl by the roll or cut to length


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Colorful Sleuths

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Getting Started

A guide through new floor shopping and preparing to go in-store
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