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Shaw PLUS Cushion Installation Videos

Plus: A Backing System - Installation

A breakthrough in urethane backing technology, this special patented attached cushion backing formula consists of 3/16 inch, high density prime urethane. Engineered to provide firm cushion support to residential and light commercial installations. It will add comfort, and long lasting cushion resiliency to carpet. It provides energy efficient insulation, reduces noise, is easy to install, and it resists mold/mildew. Our PLUS product is easy to remove and lightweight/easy to handle.

Benefits of Resilient-Vinyl

Resilient-vinyl is fashionable, high-tech flooring that offers outstanding advantages to our style-, quality-, and budget-conscious customers. In recent years, there have been amazing advancements in the quality and design of this durable, desirable flooring.

Care & Maintenance of Resilient-Vinyl

Although resilient-vinyl floors are, by their nature, highly durable and easy-care, all floors need a bit of routine maintenance to keep them looking new longer. Here are a few general tips.


Artfully craft, wonderfully waterproof

Care & Maintenance of Carpet

It’s not hard to take care of carpet—there are just a few easy steps to be aware of. Regularly following these steps will ensure that your carpet continues to look as lovely in years to come as it does when you have it installed.

R2X® Stain & Soil Resistance System

Shaw’s R2X® has become the standard of excellence in the industry.
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